Noah Punkt

Bassist & Composer

Noah Punkt (born 1984 as Tom Zackl) is bass player and composer based in Leipzig, Germany and Zurich, Switzerland. After growing up in Stralsund and beginning playing Electric autodidactically he moved to Leipzig and studied Musicology. After completing his degree (BA in Majors Music Theory, Sociology, Psychology) he started working as freelancing musician and performer. Since then he has been playing with many musicians from Europe and the USA: Uli Kempendorff, Tim Daisy, Chris Pitsiokos, Bart Maris, Brad Henkel, Teun Verbruggen, Christian Wolfarth, Sandra Weiss, Michael Jaeger, Gerry Hemingway and many other. Since 2013 he’s running the recording and concert project »otherunwise«. Beside his musical work, he’s doing performances with Weichplast (Theatre), Caroline Beach (Dance) and Julia Sophie Kunde (Mixed Media Art) and works frequently at Theater der Jungen Welt Leipzig.


Blauson – In my Safe Place (Popup Records / 2013)
 Protean Reality – Protean Reality (Clean Feed Records / 2016)
 punkt3 – Ordnung Herrscht (Clean Feed Records / 2016)
 Bicipital Fine – Bicipital Fine (Off Record Label /2017)