Lisa Cardonnet


Lisa Cardonnet was born in montpellier. There she met Jaques Aupetit, who began to teach her the viola when she was 6.

Before she decided to study with Tajana masurenko in Leipzig in 2017, she studied viola, chamber music, baroque viola, and modern music in Perpignan conservatory (with Antoine Dautry, Nathalie juchors and Carole Parer, Daniel Tosi) and Lyon National Conservatory (Françoise Gnéri, Dominique Miton, Yovan Markovich, Agnès Sulem)

As she is very interested in the creative process, she has been engaged in opportunities to play in ensembles for festivals for new music ( Festival Messiaen with Florent Boffard) and to improvise with painters in modern art galleries.